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D. “Sonny” Drew

“The Solution to Your Regalia Needs”


The success story is as old as the world. Success results from connections, your belief, your participation and activities in your community, church, lodge, union or employment. 

Symbols, emblems and badges are some of the identifications of the TOUCH.  Clothing, crowns, caps, shoes, earrings, rings, bracelets, etc. have a far reaching influence upon children, husband, wife and friends that can be imagined.

The true TOUCH is more than the objective advertisement. It is the inner meaning which the symbol or advertisement conveys.

The true TOUCH is the inner communication which the emblem conveys. Everyone is known by the styles, type of clothing, colors or some special objective worn or used by one.

It is the special concern of D. Drew to see to it that its customers have the right TOUCH Your rings, jewels, your fraternal clothing, robes and collars are designed to result in a reflection of your Inner TOUCH Your Fez, your cap, should be updated and continuously kept in style.

The TOUCH which these things reflect 5 or 10 years ago ought to be renewed again.  D. Drew can renew your TOUCH with your companions, brothers, sisters and friends. Religious badges, crosses, Bibles and religious emblems are effective just as fraternal objects are.

The entire world likes identity.   Remember our emblems, jewelry, and clothing identify and connect you with a special TOUCH that many are not aware of.

These objects are silent answers to the success story of true Individuality, moral and religious conduct which pervades the church, the lodge, the trades employment, occupations and professions.

Take away the emblems of the cross and where would be the TOUCH of your church?  We intend to strive to keep your true TOUCH in an ever more effective manner.

Refresh and Renew your jewelry, your emblems and symbols and thus you will renew a stronger TOUCH with your Brothers and Sisters who adore you.

                                                                                                      Yours For A Greater TOUCH

                                                                                             DePlessie “Sonny” Drew

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