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Important Information...PLEASE read before ordering!

General Ordering Information/Policies (Doc.)  ●  General Ordering Information/Policies (Pdf.)    

Customer Purchase-Shipping Invoice (Doc.)

Customer Purchase-Shipping Invoice (Pdf)

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Thank you for your interest in ordering items from D. (SONNY) DREW, Custom and Special Design Regalia – Rare Esoteric Reprints and Freemasonry Books.  Please read our policies below before placing your order.   For your convenience and safety, all orders will be submitted securely.  Placement of any order (either on-line, by fax, by mail, or in person) confirms your agreement to these terms and policies.     

There are now more ways to order from D. Sonny Drew!  We are now accepting credit cards as a means of payment with your order by phone, fax, mail, or on-line through PayPal.


     1.  First, print out or download the Customer Purchase/Shipping Invoice.

     2.  Please print or type clearly your name, address, city and state.  Be sure to include your ZIP CODE, PHONE NUMBER, and 

         EMAIL if available.

     3.  Find the items you want to purchase; state the quantity, item number, and price of the items being ordered.  Include the

          colors, sizes, and emblems necessary to complete the order.  Total your order, including shipping and taxes, if applicable. 

          Print or type any special lettering or copy that must be added to the items you are ordering.  Be sure to include your     

          proper form of payment, correct postage and sales tax (Illinois only).

 payment options:

     1.  (Regular Payments – Check, Money Order, Non-online credit card payments)  After downloading and filling out our

         Customer Purchase/Shipping Invoice   in its entirety, including payment information; please submit invoice by mail, fax, or 

         email.  Note: if paying by credit card, email is not a secure means of transmitting credit card information.  We suggest you

         use Option 2 below.

2.  (On-line Credit Card Payments via Pay Pal) Orders can be submitted by filling out the ONLINE PURCHASE ORDER.  You

     can pay by including your credit card information on the On-line Purchase Order form through our PayPal link.  If you submit

     your payment through PayPal, indicate this in the comments area of the On-line Purchase Order form.

    A.  To make a payment using PayPal select the “Pay Now”, button, and please follow these steps:

          1)  By selecting the "Pay Now" button you are agreeing to pay the total amount of the items that you wish to purchase.

          2)  If you do not have a PayPal account, simply enter your credit card information during your purchase payment flow.

          3)  If you have a PayPal account, enter your PayPal login information and click "Continue."

               a.  Review the details of your payment, including the payment method and shipping information. If the payment that

                    you are sending exceeds the amount of funds in your PayPal account, click the "More Funding Options" link to 

                    change the payment method for the payment.

               b.  To change your "Shipping Information" to where you want the merchandise sent, click the "Change" link.

               c.  Please Note:  Buyers are prompted to provide us with a confirmed shipping address when making a purchase. If

                    you would like the merchandise sent to an unconfirmed shipping address, we suggest that you contact us directly to

                    provide any additional confirmation.

               d.  To change any information, click "Change". Please note: If you edit your payment details, the payment method will

                   return to the default method of payment.

               e.  Once all is correct, click "Pay".

               f.  We will receive an email announcing your payment.


     1.  Any forms of order for custom merchandise must be received in writing (or in person) and accompanied by a 50 percent 

          deposit - balance due upon completion.

     2.  Custom merchandise is any item that involves special engraving, embroidery, imprinting, lettering, sizes, color

          combination, or made to order.


     1.  A QUICK POSTAGE/HANDLING CHART FOR FULL PAYMENT ORDERS (United States orders only) is provided

          below and on the Customer Purchase/Shipping Invoice:

          *Up to $25.00 = $9.95                       *$25.01 to $75.00 = $14.00             *$75.01 to $100.00 = $18.95              

          *$101.00 to $150.00 = $24.95             *or actual postage, whichever is greater

     2.  These rates apply only to shipments within the U.S.  For shipments to the Bahamas and other foreign orders, please contact

          us for rates. 

     3.  Sorry, NO COD’s.

     4.  We will ship by United Parcel Service or U.S. Postal Service unless otherwise requested. Any charges for special handling requested, such as Air Mail, Special Delivery, Greyhound, etc. will be charged to the customer.


     1.  It is our policy to offer our merchandise at the most competitive prices possible.

     2.  We will honor the listed prices as long as we can, but we do reserve the right to change prices, without notice.


     1.  We will attempt to give you the best possible delivery.

     2.  Most orders for stock items are processed and shipped within a few days.

     3.  Custom merchandise, because it is made to order, will require additional time.

     4.  Most items can be customized within two to three weeks, with the exception of Fezzes which normally will take four to six

          weeks. There are periods however, which these standards fluctuate due to seasonal overloading.

METHODS OF PAYMENT We accept cash (in person), checks, money orders, VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover credit cards.

REQUESTING INFORMATION For questions regarding your order you can call us at 773-285-1880 (office), 773-218-0184 (Cell) or fax us at 773-285-1885 any time.   You can also email us at sonnydrew@aol.comPlease give us your name and the date of your order.  This will enable us to quickly locate the order so that any requests can be handled promptly.

Important Information...PLEASE read before ordering!

General Ordering Information/Policies (Doc.)  ●  General Ordering Information/Policies (Pdf.)    

Customer Purchase-Shipping Invoice (Doc.)

Customer Purchase-Shipping Invoice (Pdf)

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